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Raised paver edge keeps falling apart!

Nathan Swyers
3 years ago


We have an interlocking stone patio in our backyard. It was there when we bought the house 4 years ago. Since then, I've had to take apart and reset the edge (plus a lot of the pavers as they become loose once working on the edging).

What can I do to get more life out of the edging? Our kids are going to hurt themselves because the edging flips if you step on the end of it, when loose.

The last time I re-set this all was in October 2019, and it started to fall apart again this spring. I took out the edges, cleaned away old polymeric leftovers, added new crushed stone as a base, then replaced the edging and used polymeric sand in the cracks. Another annoyance with however designed this patio, it's not easy getting sand between the edges when the entire side of the stone is exposed--sand just pours out. I shove bits of cardboard in there while it sets...

Excuse my drawing, this is basically how this patio is built. There is an edging stone set into the ground, with maybe 0.5" - 1" exposed above the ground. The edging stone you can see in the photos is set on top of that, with some crushed stone between them.

When you step up onto the top stone, you eventually end up pulling the stone away from the patio and breaking apart all of the polymeric, since there's nothing really stopping it or keeping it secure.

TL;DR: What's the solution to keep the edging stones secure if they're not set into the ground? Construction adhesive to keep the top edging stone glued to the bottom? (Only partially kidding)... Some kind of flexible, sturdy border?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated! We plan on removing this thing in future years, but I'd like to stop having to spend 2 days fixing this thing every single summer in the meantime!

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