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Speaking of Feel Good Food Network Shows....

3 years ago

This weekend, I happened upon a show I'd never heard of: Delicious Miss Brown. It's been on for less than a year. I was supposed to be working, but pretty much just stopped and watched the show. The star is Kardea Brown (pronounced Car-dee-aa, rhymes with Cartier). She said her name was Kardea but in the kitchen everybody calls her Miss Brown. :) For all I know, it's a total act, but she comes off as a real person whom you wish you knew. The cooking she demonstrated is mainstream homestyle, using some packaged foods (e.g., dried apricots and a big packet of pectin to make jam) without qualm or question, and made a favorite salad of hers, which in my locale would be called "classic Israeli salad". She also made extraordinary shrimp and grits and she and her aunt made blender frappes with coffee ice cubes, spices and nutella. In other words, she was cooking like real people, rather than foodie or chefy types, with a quiet confidence and really warm and inviting demeanor. Watching was like getting to sit at the kitchen table and watch her cook.

This show is promoted as being about Miss Brown's Sea Island roots and family food culture, but to me it's more about homey warmth and a little vacation like visiting friends.

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