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I'm looking update my house with a cladding or facade. Where to start?

4 years ago

My house is a modern white box in the first photo. I was built in 1989 and starting to look pretty dated. I've been admiring all the new architecture popping up around my neighborhood. The ones I like the most use a multi-material cladding and/or laser-cut ventilation curtains with details like protruding window frames and pops of color, etc.

It seems the best idea is just to clad it with some combination of wood, tile, cement fiberboard, or to shroud the top section with a ventilation curtain like in my inspiration photos below and I certainly could use more privacy on the second-floor rooftop deck and more wind protection as well.

Does anyone know how I would go about finding someone to help me with the design? Would it a standard architect or designer/builder? Do all architects want a cut of the construction costs or can they hand me a plan that my contractor can execute? I'm going to have a construction company working on the rear of the building in a few months to fix some damage due to a fire in the attached garage and it seems like if I want to update the building, now is the time. Any advice would be appreciated!

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