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Aloe Vera : new plant accident , now NO ROOTS

J Garrett
2 years ago

Hey everyone please keep in mind I’m a new plant pappy ‼️ thanks for the help with my pothos it’s only day 2 and many are already thriving and bouncing back ‼️ I’m super stoke now I have 3 vases full for starter plants 🧡

I’m here about my aloe though‼️ 😪 my nephew went to water some plants outside and I was letting my aloe get fresh air and the excess water from one plant spilled into my aloe and drenched it. I now know it’s best to wait for the soil to dry some before removing plants from soil but that’s what I did and only one root was left which is now gone 😪

What can I do to save this aloe and propagate new roots ? Has anyone ever tried the method with putting the stalk in a banana ?

See photos below ‼️

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