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Drove 10 hrs to see/test quartzite slabs - still can’t decide

4 years ago

Here are my two options (labeled A and B). Both Mont Blanc / Mountain White quartzites at different stone yards.

Neither yard allowed testing, but I did get a sample of option B to take home. It showed rapid water absorption (did not do the dunk test but just rinsing the sample under running water led to absorption at cut edges). No etching from AC vinegar. Stained when Sriracha was left overnight. Sample was unsealed. I was ok with the results but not thrilled. Had option B not absorbed water so quickly, I would pick it.

If I go with option B, they will seal all cut edges with Stain Proof sealer on site. Will this significantly help with the water absorption issue?

Option A is sealed at the factory (I believe w Tenax). I prefer the look of option A, and it is less expensive. The fabricator for option A also commits to standing behind their work if it shows unusual staining/water damage, whereas the fabricator for option B has avoided making such a commitment, saying they cannot guarantee the performance of the stone (unlike option A, the fabricator for option B does not own the stone - they purchase it on my behalf from a stoneyard).

Which would you choose?

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