Attic kids bathroom shower solution ideas needed!

Hello all! This is our kiddos' bathroom which is in a converted attic space in our 1914 house. We are wanting to convert the tub into a shower with a shower ring kit. ((Yes, I know many people don't like these and I know the pluses and minuses as we have one elsewhere in the house too. IMO, an oversized curtain ring and a one-piece cloth curtain meant for a clawfoot (Signature Hardware) is key to making it doable.)) ANYWAY, building a new shower is out of the question and I think that a conversion kit is our only option right now. Given that, any ideas for making this more comfortable? The ceilings are already low-clearance, but then with the sloped ceiling, makes a showerhead at chest or shoulder height. I could slide the tub further from the corner (in front of the windows) and fill gap from the wall (and cover exposed plumbing) with a shelf or something. Other options are reversing the tub so the showerhead is on the other end. The problem with this is that it would block windows and not allow them to open. If you can see from the one window that is open, they swing open inward and a showerhead riser would block them. There is quite a bit of room in the bathroom but I am looking for a very low-budget (one-day- plumber-visit-type solution). ANY possible ideas??

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