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Stucco House - exterior - what would you add/change?

Su Gorla
3 years ago

This will be our new home. I do want to refresh the exterior. We just moved from CT to TX. I am a fan of whites and blues. These are some of the ideas I have:

1. change exterior colors to some white

2. paint stone or no? If yes - what contrast color?

3. Add faux window shutters for upstairs 2 big windows? what colors? Maybe a deep navy to match the garage door?

4. Trellis above the garage door with Bougainvillea?

5. Paint the soffit to lighter gray ( something to contrast with the white?) Soffit braces and soffit lightning? Not sure how expensive it would be to install on a stucco.

6. Prune the trees ( cut one limb blocking the view), the palm needs to be trimmed. Any recommendations on how to change the landscaping? I will talk to a professional soon.

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