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My 70 year old friend is not safe from virus

4 years ago

I thought I'd make a topic of this -- to see if anybody here knows what to do.

My friend lives in a Senior's residence in Kalamazoo. She has her own small apartment. She is afraid to go out shopping because there are no rules about how many can be in the elevator at one time. She has to get on and off because sometimes there are several people on the elevator. The staff doesn't wear masks. There are no rules about masks. She can't even get groceries delivered so, despite her recent operation she goes out to the grocery store. At my suggestion, she called Health and Human Services to report the situation -- no masks or elevator rules. They told her to call the State and gave her a phone number that, it turns out, is not in service. I suggested that she write to the governor. Some days she isn't strong enough to follow through on all of this. The whole thing is strange considering that Seniors are the most vulnerable. Any suggestions?

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