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Small square living room in a mini loft

2 years ago
last modified: 2 years ago

Hi everyone!

We are a young couple that just moved to a mini loft and we are having quite some difficulties to fit our stuff in such a small space. We have some problems:

1- We both work from home and we need a decent office space to fit us both

2- The space in the living room is an exact square (around 3,7 x 3,7 meters)

3- We only have ONE window in the house (in the living room) and it’s a massive one - it’s a loft so we have a very high ceiling but the heater is located right underneath it. Since it’s the only light source we have (plus a beautiful view) we though about putting the office table there. But we are not sure how to place a two people working table or what to place there because of the heater.

4- We also need a small table for our meals but there’s no way of fitting a dinning table in the kitchen because it’s located right at the entrance of the loft and it’s an open space connected to the living room.

At the moment we own some old furniture that clearly don’t fit there so we need to plan well before buying or making new itens for our mini space. There are only 3 itens we are keeping: a small 3 place couch (not this one from the photo) a small bar furniture and our record/cd collection.

P.S.: The photos attached were taken while me and my father in law were still cleaning the place. ALL THE OBJECTS AND FURNITURE YOU SEE IN THE PHOTOS ARE NOT OURS (and we already removed the ugly wallpaper lol).

Well that’s it I guess. Any suggestions on how to make this a livable stylish and minimal place is more than welcome!

Thank you in advance for the help!


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