Help with deep sides on closet?

The closet in our master bedroom is a reach in, rather than a walk in. It's a decent length, a little over 8 feet (100 inches) and has nice looking French doors.

The problem is, the closet opening is only 4 feet. There's just over 2 feet on each side blocked by a wall. Trying to get access anything in these corners is frustrating. It may not bother my husband, but it bugs me! Currently, we have a single rod across the width of the closet with a wire shelf above, plus another rod/shelf combo that is a little less than half of the width of the closet. It's not used much.

In an ideal world, I would just get rid of the wall all together and turn that space into a nice looking open closet. But I'm trying to go for something more budget friendly.

My thought was to install two rods across the depth of the closet, rather than a single rod across the width, in the dead space on each side of the closet (four total). Then install a column with drawers and shelves in the center. The downsides to this plan are that I would need to get creative with hanging the couple of maxi dresses I have, and I'm not sure about finding the drawers unit that's narrow enough to still give us easy access to the hanging clothes.

Would this work? Has anyone dealt with this kind of closet and come up with a creative solution? Any other storage configuration suggestions? I'd love to get some input!

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