COVID 19: 23 "good news" items


Please do remember that some of the good news is from countries who are ahead of the US on the pandemic "curve". But there are some hopeful signs of normality appearing in the [currently] hardest-hit countries, and scientists (people we should support and thank) all over the world are working hard to find solutions.

Stay positive: Here are 23 pieces of good news regarding COVID-19

SeattlePI, March 24, 2020

There's a handful of worldwide news doling out glimmers of hope in the midst of frightening times, and that's important too. So, we've rounded up all the good news about the virus worth catching up on.

Stay Positive: Some good news about the coronavirus crisis

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Thanks for the article!!! most positive is that there are fewer cases in China and Korea - as long as they are telling the truth!!

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sprtphnic you do realize that the article said South Korea? Why lump them with China?

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