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The Bachelor's mom (floof, for sure)

4 years ago

I watched the second half of the finale last night, after not watching this show all season. If you watched, what did you think about Peter's mom and her comments about his chosen one, Madi? He first chose the other girl, broke up with her, and got back together with Madison who had left before the final rose ceremony. The parents do not like this girl, and were perfectly clear saying something to the effect that Peter would fail in this relationship and everyone knew it. I'm torn about what I think. On the one hand, she's probably right but on the other hand what if this relationship makes it and her DIL now hates her guts. Keeps the grandkids from her. And on and on. I would have kept my mouth shut and out of my kid's love life, gritting my teeth and trying to accept this girl. Lol, I'm doing it with one of my kids now, so I have practice grinning and bearing it.

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