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Kitchen Lighting - No Under Cabinet Lighting Because No Cabinets!

Shay Moore
4 years ago

We are building a new home and in our great room we will have a "working kitchen" design. The room is single pitch vaulted space (shed roof) that is 11-12' high (read "very high ceilings"), so is a very different animal from our super low ceiling post-ware shoe box we live in right now. The room in the new home will have integrated LED wash lighting on dimmers. But for task lighting and such we have some work to do, and it is such a new concept to our brains, we could use some help imagining what to do with the kitchen lighting.

The cooktop will be in the eat-at island, and largely will be lit by the hood over it. We may add a couple small pendants on the counter side of the island, so that we have a dimmable task light option on the island. But this isn't the one we're worried about. It's the other part of the main kitchen that is the head scratcher.

On the wall behind the island is a 9 foot wall and run of counter. There will be a sink in the middle of the lower cabinets, and there will be no upper cabinets here. To the left will be 36" of open shelving with serving ware, glassware, bowls, and such. To the right will be a 36" section of rails with commonly used hanging pots, pans, tools, etc. Think like a section of Julia Childs' walls or this:

We are struggling with how to light this area of the kitchen. In our current home, we have under and over cabinet lights that we use daily. Like, the under cabinet lights are on 24/7 as day and night lights as our central house lighting. During parties, we don't even turn on the main lights in the kitchen, we usually just turn on the over cabinet lights and it's the perfect mood lighting to bring the lights up without making it too bright. The under cabinet ones are wonderful ambient light all the time, great task lighting, and our home feels dark when it is off. It is strange to imagine not having something similar in the new home, but...without cabinets, and with those rails, what do we do?

Anyone have any creative ideas for this conundrum?

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