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Fireplace faces front door within 5 feet

Chris Khandan
3 years ago

Looking into purchasing home but there is a fireplace located immediately in front of you when you open front door 😔. I’ve read online regarding Feng Shui about this matter now I’m freaking out !! Feng Shui masters any suggestions??? Should I get out of deal??

min one photo with mirror over fireplace that is family room. directly behind fireplace is front door. In second picture shows hallway at end is dining room but in this picture you will see FP on left and front door is immediately in front of it on right. I’ve shown another photo of another home just like it with door open so you see my dilemma.

HELP!! please. I’m seriously scared now

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  • Sun Valley Salt
    3 years ago

    Yes, I think this will be right.

    Chris Khandan thanked Sun Valley Salt
  • Chris Khandan
    Original Author
    3 years ago

    Sun valley salt what do you mean??

  • auntthelma
    3 years ago
    last modified: 3 years ago

    what is the Feng Shui issue? Most times there is a ‘cure’ for an issue in an imperfect house.

    perhaps add a water feature or painting of water in the foyer to lessen the fire.

  • auntthelma
    3 years ago

    Looked it up and yep, a water feature or painting of water are cures. Another suggestion is to add th water colors, blue or black. I’d say, paint the inside of the fireplace black, paint the hallway walls blue, and add a painting of water above the fireplace.

    Another suggestion was was to hide the fireplace. Maybe a custom screen with a water theme.

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