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Enjoying some new candles!

2 years ago

I know a lot of people are sensitive to or dislike scents, so this isn't the thread for them! But I wanted to share some unique new candles I bought from a company called Spireside. The scents are sort of Disney/fantasy inspired, and they manage to capture some really interesting scents. I bought a sampler of 12 different scents to see which I like before investing in larger sizes.

Here are the 12 different candles I tried, their scent descriptions and my impressions for anyone interested. I haven't burnt any yet - impressions are just from sniffing.

Enchanted Library - SCENTS - Aged Library Books, Wild Roses, Hint of Leather. This is such an interesting scent. I really do smell the leather and roses.

Dragon Queen - SCENTS - Dragon Fire (notes of Patchouli and smoke), Dungeon Incense, Sweet Vines and Thorny Briars. The Patchouli is strong but not overpowering and balanced by some sweetness.

Beauty Sleep - SCENTS - Pink Sugar (Sweet Berries, Fresh Fig Leaves, Orange Peel), French Lavender. This is a nice, sweet smell. Berries and lavender. I bet it would be nice at night.

Ghostly Castle. SCENTS - Musty Carpets, Dusty Furnishings, Graveyard Grasses. I don't know HOW they did this but it smells dusty and damp and reminds of of an old castle. My description sounds unpleasant but it's really nice, actually.

Beast's Castle - SCENTS - French Forest Foliage (including Balsam and Bayberry), Smoked Vanilla Beans, Musk. This one is interesting - I smell the musk and the vanilla. I'll have to see how it burns but I don't love it right away.

Fairest Orchard - SCENTS - Wintery Wassail, Crisp Apples, Vibrant Oranges, Hint of Warm Spices (Cloves and Cinnamon). Mmmm this is lovely. Sweet apple and spices.

Pirates Revenge - SCENTS - Musty Ocean Water, Salty Sea Breeze, Cannon Fire and Smoke. I love this one - it smells exactly like it says. Ocean water and smoke.

A Walk Through Wonderland - SCENTS - Think Pink: Pink Berries (from the tea party), Pink Sugar (from the Eat Me cookies), Pink Flowers (singing, of course), and a Magical Pink Potion. When I read this description, I thought it would be overwhelmingly sweet but it's not! It's really nice and subtle and sweet. I think Amy would like it as it's also very pink!

Wizard's Pub - SCENTS - Warm Brown Sugar, Spiced Pralines, Vanilla Bean. This one is very strong - I could smell it through the shipping box. It smells like warm caramel and butterscotch. Probably like one of the Butterbeers from Harry Potter. :)

Mount Olympus - SCENTS - Sweet Mountain Flowers, Earthy Mediterranean Cypress Fronds, Bright Ambrosia Nectar. This is a nice light scent - reminds of of grass and clean laundry with a hint of citrus.

Neverland - SCENTS - Clean Tropical Rainforest Mist, Sweet Island Fruits. Smells like a tropical island but not overpoweringly fruity. Very clean.

The Alchemist's Fire - SCENTS - Sweet Potions (notes of Vanilla, Coconut and Amber), Antique Chests (Aged Mahogany, Oak, Cedar and Sandalwood), Subtle Musk. Ooh, this might be my favorite. It's musky but sweet. Very complex scent.

I can't wait to burn them and see how I like them. There are still several others that I'd like to try!

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