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New to forum...candle questions

14 years ago

Okay, I currently make candles only for myself. I prefer 7 day candle jars...I usually have 1-2 burning constantly (go ahead with the lectures but I've already heard them I promise you! lol) Its a spiritual practice of sorts.

I'm having some issues with the supplies I am using (although due to budget and need to be very frugal I will continue with what I have until they are gone) and am hoping for some feedback/solutions/hints.

First off when I started I chose Bitter Creek to buy from and got advice from them.

I didn't find a wick in the sample pack that really worked right...I settled on 44-24-18 zinc core. Currently using AstorLite J223 wax. The wax is okay...easier to break apart that whatever was given to me & I used previously. BUT I don't like the grimy feeling it leaves on my hands and it seems to burn a lot faster in the candles.

My biggest issue is the smoky residue that is building up in the doesn't start smoking until about half-way through the candle. I've been told that is simply because I'm burning it too long at a time, but I suspect that I should be able to find a combination of wax and wick that wouldn't do it or at least would do it a lot less. Basically it's making cleaning the jars a pain in the @!&!

I like the 7day jars because I feel fairly safe that if something causes them to turn over they will put themselves out in the process. (Although I'm very careful to keep them in an area away from any clutter...and high enough the cats can't reach them).

I do NOT use any scents (my allergies just make it impossible to do). But do enjoy playing with liquid colors.

So...1) is there a simpler way to get smoke residue & wax out of the 7 day candle jar (currently I soak a LOT in purely HOT water) then use a sponge tool or bottle brush (which means I go through them FAST!)

2) is there a suggestion for what kind of wicks to look at? and a different kind of wax?

3) Any suggestions on some inexpensive jars that would be suited to the wick I have (100 ft give or take) if I find a more suitable wick?

4) Anyone know where I can get more empty 7 day jars? I have about 12....but with 2 burning at a time that only lasts me about a month.

Thanks in advance!


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