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90s ranch kitchen reno is

Tabitha Walker
2 years ago

Hi everyone! I need help with ideas for my 90s ranch style kitchen. We have updated almost every room in the house but need help deciding how much to do to our kitchen. My husband would like to update to sell in the next 5 years- I would like to open up a bit, spend more money, live here a little longer, and get more return in the long run.

Basically we have two options- paint and new hardware on existing cabinets, update countertops, paint and new flooring; OR entirely new cabinets and countertops, paint, flooring, and I would like to add cabinets to the wall our current table is on and knock out part of the wall (and cabinets) between our living room and kitchen to open it up, have counter space hang over to the living room and create a bar, eat- in area.

We have a sunroom addition off the back side of our kitchen that works as a multipurpose room right now. My thought was if we put additional cabinets on the wall where our current table is, we could move all the kid “stuff” out of this part of the room and create a dining area in this room.

My husband thinks I’m crazy. I think it would make our flow so much better and the kitchen much larger and more functional. Would this all just be a waste of money??

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