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renovation on 90s kitchen, Help!

11 years ago


I am partially redoing my kitchen on a tight budget. I would love to get some opinions on where to go from here. Here's some background. Our home is in the mountains and is somewhat like a retreat home, has two story family room with stone fireplace the full two stories, open and airy, lots of oak...all window trims, stairs,flooring. So I want to keep with the look of the house.

I like shaker style, country style. So far we redid the island (use to have a cooktop), added an overhang that we'll put bar stools under, redid the counter tops to granite, redid the sink and faucet, bought the new range to replace built in oven. Husband is building a cabinet above the range and a spice cabinet to the right of the range, both top and bottom. I have two pendant lights for over the island in bronze.

What we want to do is paint the cabinets to snow white, which will help match the white appliances alittle better. Its a cooler white like the range. And I want to add a tile backsplash. Also will replace cabinet hardware.


Should I get the arched cabinet doors replace to squared off tops?

What would be a good backsplash? (I have some samples but wonder if there's something better).

Cabinet hardware color, I am thinking bronze or black. Suggestions??

Any and all opinions would be appreciated. Thank you.

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