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Sugar Cookies - how long can the dough set out?

2 years ago

My 4 year old great niece and her mom are dropping by on Monday probably for not more than an hour. They live about 2.5 hours away and are going to be in town visiting other relatives, too. I’d like to have a fun activity for her. I want to be the cool aunt!

I thought I might make up a batch of sugar cookies. Then when she and her mom get here, she and I would roll them in sprinkles and we’d bake them. She could take them home with her! I do not know what time they will arrive, but I want to have everything ready to go when they get here.

Assume I will not know when they are going to be here until they are at the front door. How long can I let the dough set out once it is made? Can I go ahead, make the dough balls, and refrigerate them? I hesitate to refrigerate the entire bowl of dough because it will be too stiff to work with.

This is the recipe I use. It is from Stella Parks when she was blogging as BraveTart.


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