Relocated nest with eggs

Gaelle Garbani

hi there,

we found in our pool a nest that that fell out of the tree above it with 2 little eggs and was floating on the water.

so we picked it up and placed it in a safer place on another tree beside the original tree.

however, whilst the parents (they are the pretty pigeon kind that always stay as a couple, don’t know their name though, I think they are turtle dove), keep hanging out in the garden, I don’t think they found the nest though... how can we help them to find it? If they rebuild the nest where it used to be it will keep falling...

thank you

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tsugajunkie z5 SE WI ♱

Without it being in nearly the same spot, they may not associate it with their nest. A Great Horned owl's nest blew out of a tree in a park nearby and the parks folks put it back where it was and the parents returned. Although that nest had chicks not eggs. Depending on the weather wherever you are it may be too late already.


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Terrie Declue

I was out of town for a couple of weeks and came home to see a Robin had built a nest under my deck roof .... we are frequently on the deck and try not to destine her but haven’t seen her around for the past day and a half ... will she likely return. 3 eggs in nest

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