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Painter arriving in two days and I'd love some help.

Lisa Flagg
4 years ago

We just did a small remodel of our kitchen which is open to the family room. There is a feature wall in the family room painted BM Ashley Gray, The other 3 walls are painted BM Edgecomb Gray. The kitchen cabinets are painted BM Cape May Cobblestone on the bottom and BM White Dove on upper cabinets. I know that the Ashley Gray has a blue/purple undertone and the Cape May Cobblestone has a green undertone. Repainting either of these is not an option right now. So, what do I paint the kitchen walls and soffet? At first, I gravitated to a blue green color but now I'm thinking I might just take the Edgecomb gray right around the corner of the family room and paint the kitchen walls and soffit that color. Any advice for me, either on how you think Edgecomb gray might look or an alternative? PS - I think that I will paint the window frame a slightly darkened version of the base cabinet, and I am repainting that dark red you see a speck of in the dining room, probably in the same Edgecomb Gray.

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