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Kristin S
last year
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I need help with mud room design. We have a 12’ wall with a 7’ window centered on it, bottom of the window is 5’ off the floor. To the left of the window will be a cabinetry coat closet with cabinets above, to the right a stacked washer and dryer with cabinets above.

Under the window will be a bench with three locker spaces above. These will have hooks and shallow book-ledge type shelves for device charging.

The bench will be about 18” tall and 24” deep to match the closet and washer/dryer depth, with a wood top that overhangs the cabinet by about an inch.

My current dilemmas are 1) Whether to run baseboard under any of the cabinets, or have them sit flush with the floor; and 2) What to do under the bench.

Iptions for under the bench are shown. Option 1 has a shallow 6” drawer for gloves/hats/scarves and a 12” shoe drawer underneath. Option 2 shows the baseboard running under the cabinets with a 12” deep drawer above. Option 3 shows a shallow drawer with open space underneath, though this might need a pull-out tray to make the entire space accessible.

Thoughts? Advice? Related experiences to share?

I’ve attached my sketch of the wall as well as my favorite inspiration picture.

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