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4 years ago

After having read two little gems “My Father’s Note Book” and “The house of the Mosque” both by Kedar Abdolah, a guy who belonged to the leftist party during saha era and after the Ayatholas revolution had to absconded, first, in Soviet Union then in DDR and eventually he settled in Netherland; now he no longer thinks about poilitics but write novels . In the two novels I red is described Iranian life before and after the religious revolution. Now I wanted something to read a little lighter and I’ve been addressed toward a thriller that should have been gripping "What she forgot". The story is about a woman who wakes up in a hospital after six month of coma. She can’t remember anything . Once at her home with his husband and two daughters she went about the house in order to discover something that can stirs up her memory, but so far of no avail. There are only a few discrepancies, for example her family tell her she loved purple, but she doesn’t now, she hated bake, now she likes it. So far is quite boring. Now I am at page 176 out of 386, I’ll give it another chance this evening, if I can’t see any thrill I will put it in many books to read so little

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