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Paint the Brick? Lime Wash? Or Neither? Facelift

Classic J
3 years ago
last modified: 3 years ago


I really really like the look of clean neutral tone houses. Im looking to see what I can do about the exterior of house.

I was thinking of either having the brick painted or lime washed (or german smear?) to a neutral whiteish tone. I really really don't like my current brick color, to be honest I dont like anything about the exterior of the house.

Im thinking brand new wood garage and entry doors, a new drive way eventually and landscaping as well, everything can go besides the maple tree, and I also like the big bush that turns red in the fall.

What treatment would you do on this brick, and would you touch the stone as well? I also dont know what to do with the white wood window thing on the second level.

I am in southern ontario, so painted brick might be a concern? There are a lot of stucco houses being built in the area.

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