iTunes 12 help-----How to burn selected songs onto playlist


Love help on this. I bought a CD through the iTunes Store. I see the album and all the songs in iTunes. I want to burn to a disc only some of the songs. I believe I need to make a playlist of those songs. I thought it would simply be a matter of removing the checkmarks for songs I didn't want but that doesn't seem to do anything. Do I have go drag them somewhere?

I guess it's been a while since I did this, or maybe my iTunes version 12.8 did something to it, or maybe I'm not able to figure things out.



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I"ll take a look, I did an initial search but it seems my question, of how to NOT copy an entire CD wasn't answered. Maybe it will be in one of those links. Thanks

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I finally figured it out - once the entire CD contents are showing up, if you hover over each song it brings up a heart on the left side of the song which if you click on it "selects" it. I then dragged all the selected songs over to the "new playlist" I had created.


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