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Help with my bowling lane of a living room

Anthro M
3 years ago
last modified: 3 years ago

I just bought a historic rowhouse. It is only 12 feet wide. The ground floor is open layout from front door to back, with a combined living/dining area that is maybe 30 feet long but a whopping 7 feet wide. A bathroom, laundry closet, and utility closet are tucked under the staircase, reducing usable floor space even further because of the clearance required to open doors.

I've already come to terms with having to find new homes for some beloved items, such as several Persian rugs that will not fit into any room in this tiny little house. I'd really like to keep the furniture in the bottom photo. Particularly the hand-carved coffee table, which is 4 feet square, and the two benches (usually covered in pillows), which are 6 feet long and 2 feet wide. The width of the room in the bottom photo is 12 feet (room dimensions are 12' x 15' to be exact) -- almost twice as wide (but half as long) as my new living room, and you can see that the coffee table and benches stretch wall to wall in that 12 feet.

Is there any way to keep the coffee table and add a sofa for my new home? I'm thinking about moving one of the benches to the window next to the front door and the other bench into an upstairs bedroom. I'm less attached to the dining set (42" diameter glass top), so if it doesn't work in the most logical place for it (against the wall before it opens into the kitchen), I'm willing to sell it and consider a slim rectangular table. But I really love my coffee table and am going to try my best to design the entire floor around it.

A silver lining to the horror that is this layout is that I do not own a television, so there's no need to factor a screen into the configuration of the room. Maaaaybe I'd buy a portable projector if there's a logical way to arrange the furniture with a view of the long wall. It's not a priority though.

How would you design this bowling alley room?

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