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Can't live with my living room...Layout help please?

13 years ago

I need help with my living room layout. I would like to get new furniture, but I'm not sure what to get, where to put it and what size the furniture should be. I'm thinking of getting two chairs facing the sofa, but the chairs would obstruct the view of the TV. Perhaps I can mount the TV to the wall with an adjustable tv mount?

Although the room is rectangular, it's difficult because each wall either has at least one window, door, entryway or fireplace.

I've attached a picture with the dimensions and the current layout (which I hate).

We use this room for watching television and entertaining guests. I would like our fireplace to be the focal point. That is depicted on the center-bottom of the picture.

They only pieces that I would like to keep is the one couch thats not on an angle and the TV.

I would appreciate any help or ideas. Thanks!

Here is a link that might be useful:

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