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Column Refrigerator and Column Freezer Help Please

4 years ago

We are doing a complete remodel and I am struggling with the best columns to select. I currently have two side-by-side refrigerator/freezers and they are stuffed and disorganized. Of course, side-by-sides are notoriously small but I use every inch of both of them. So, I've decided on the column fridge/freezer option, but they are all counter depth and I'm worried I won't have enough space. I'm leaning to the 30" fridge and either the 30 or 24" freezer, I could do 36" but that seems like ALOT of cabinet space wasted (I have a "galley like" space with no space for an island)??? I've been in a researching "do loop" and I need to select something!!! I do want internal water, but that's about it for requirements. Any and all information would be greatly appreciated.

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