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separating column refrigerator and freezer with counter space

2 years ago

I am planning to have either 30 or 36 inch refrigerator and freezer columns in my modern/contemporary style kitchen. I am not yet sure if they will be paneled or not, but I am leaning toward exposed stainless because I like the look. The current design has them right next to one another (creating the illusion of a single large unit) but I was wondering if separating them by several feet of countertop might be more functional and/or aesthetic. There is plenty of counter space on both sides of the joined units, but when you've got a door that big open, it isn't really convenient to set things on those surfaces. The next closest surface is the island, which is 8-9 feet away, so not very convenient.

What do you think of separating the units as described. from both a functionality and looks perspective? I was only able to find one example of this (see here) which suggests this isn't very popular, but I can't really see the drawback. I think the example I did find looks nice, although it is a much smaller refrigerator and kitchen, is a totally different style, and is paneled.

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