Crockpot Chicken Marbella

Martha Scott

Chicken Marbella is a classic chicken recipe from the girls at The Silver Palate. It was my first "gourmet" cookbook and I've made it a lot over the years. The ingredients are very different and would not seem to go together but they do! The other day I found this crockpot recipe for the dish and I made it today because I was very very busy and something simmering in the crockpot while I painted the porch railings, sewed a Halloween costume, and changed out my flowers from summer to fall was perfect. I think it was as good as the original!


8 pieces of chicken (you can use all breasts, a whole chicken, or all thighs or legs)

4 cloves garlic, chopped

1 T. Italian seasoning (a new staple in my larder)

¼ c. olive oil

¼ c. white balsamic vinegar

1 jar capers, drained

¼ c. maple syrup

⅔ c. jumbo raisins or prunes*

1 jar Spanish olives stuffed with pimento, drained

2 bay leaves

Place chicken in slow cooker.

Add remaining 8 ingredients with the chicken

Cover and cook until the meat is tender and cooked through, 4 - 5 hours on high, or 7 - 8 hours on low.

Gently transfer chicken to serving platter.

Top with raisin or prune//olive mixture and any remaining juices from the slow cooker.

Garnish with parsley.

*the original receipt used prunes and I did too. But raisins will work if you don’t like prunes or don’t have any in your larder.

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