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HELP!! Powder room / mudroom dilemma - need quick advice!

4 years ago
last modified: 4 years ago

My husband and I purchased a center hall colonial built in the 1950s. We are redoing the floor plan to open up the kitchen into the family room, which requires relocating our powder room. We also are going to add a larger mudroom/laundry room right off of the garage.

One of these two things (powder room or mudroom) will have to face the front of the house. the kicker is that we have a 3 foot wide, essentially floor to ceiling window that would be included, though it will be covered with a plantation shutter.

pros of mudroom in the front:

- natural light

- closer to front door

cons of mudroom in front:

- less wall space for cubbies and coats

pros of powder room in front:

- further away from kitchen

cons of powder room in front:

- first line of sight from front door

- large window

what are are your thoughts? We have evaluated tons of floor plan options and feel one of these two is our best (and only) path forward that would check all of our boxes.

thank you you so much in advance!! We need to finalize plans ASAP.

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