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Ramp/Wedge/Linear Slot Drain Sink - Minimize Splashing

AJ Mitchie
4 years ago

Hello All - I’m in the middle of a MB Remodel and having a hard time finding info on the best sink shapes to minimize splashing - especially when face washing. It seems there would be some information about ideal counter height, faucet & sink placement, water pressure AND sink shape.
Curious if anyone has found that ramp sinks are better for reducing water drenched arms, legs, and cabinet surfaces when washing their face.
*Obviously it could also be my face washing technique that needs improvement.
Thank you in advance for your advice and feedback.

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  • GreenDesigns
    4 years ago

    Cabinet height has more to do with it than any of those factors. The old low vanities aren’t tall enough for how tall we’ve become. They only work for face washing if you are short.

  • AJ Mitchie
    Original Author
    4 years ago

    Thank you - Is there a height and perhaps proximity of sink to counter edge that you can recommend? FYI - we are indeed on the taller side at 5’8” and 6’2” - so your feedback would certainly apply to us. Thx!

  • M
    4 years ago

    We have a ramp sink in one place of our house. I am always impressed how little it splashes compared to other sink designs. I am sure the type of faucet also makes a big difference. But you can experiment a little bit yourself. Temporarily prop up a cutting board in your kitchen sink and see which angle works best for you.

    On the other hand, since our ramp sink is built from countertop material, I also notice that it has sharp corners that are a little more difficult to keep clean. And the linear drain makes it impossible to stopper the sink. Neither one is a big deal to us. But be aware of these limitations.

  • AJ Mitchie
    Original Author
    4 years ago

    Just want to circle back on this and say thanks for the advice. We did vessel sinks and raised counter. Counter is just below my hip and top of sink is at my waist.
    Height has made all the difference and I couldn’t be happier.

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