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Black granite countertops, honed,leathered or polished? HELP please.

2 months ago

Hi again! I posted recently about my design dilemma putting in black kitchen countertops. I sincerely appreciate all the professional advice and feedback I received! However, every time I go to look at slabs, everyone is so negative about the upkeep, fingerprints, oil stains and darkness of black countertops. It’s really incredible! I am a little leery to put black on the perimeter and then do something completely different on my island as that could be trendy too. As I mentioned in my first post, this is my last shot to get this right. I can’t have anything with a lot of movement because it makes my eyes crazy. I’ll attach some pictures that some house members so kindly doctored to see the look of my kitchen with the potential black countertops. The way my kitchen looks now has the speckled counters in the photo. The light fixture over the island will be replaced, and the dark shade at the window will be removed. Hardware will also be changed as well. Pros please weigh in if you think I should do the island in something other than black. It’s so hard to find anything in a creamy color other than Taj Mahal which I love. I just don’t know how well Taj Mahal would go with black perimeter countertops though. Taj Mahal is to cost prohibitive to do the entire kitchen and I just can’t sell myself on quartz. Argh help! Thanks again! 😃

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