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Help with furniture placement in entry way/living/kitchen space!

Vic Kim
4 years ago

Hello designer friends!

I would appreciate your help arranging furniture in my living area (1st photo). The windows are floor to ceiling and face north, with blinds installed.

My goals are:

  1. Distinguish a sort of "mud room" entry way from the living area by placing some sort of storage furniture to the right of the door. I bought an IKEA bench (2nd photo) for this purpose, but curious if others have other solutions/ideas. My preferred dimensions for this piece would be 41" width/ 41" height/ 11" depth.
  2. Arranging the sofa and kitchen island. I have a tan leather couch (3rd photo) 74" width/ 32" height/ 35" depth, two small accent chairs (4th photo) and looking to get a kitchen island (5th photo). I would like for the living area to be as welcoming as possible as people enter/come down the stairs. There will be no TV in the living area, so the sofa can be placed either against the left wall or windows in the photo.

Thank you in advance!

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