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Server Overload & Internet Speed

4 years ago
last modified: 4 years ago

In the last week, my devices have been randomly disconnecting from internet or wifi and today almost all websites have become unavailable. I first noticed that my internet mail (an old pop3 system) was only occasionally loading and mostly messaging that 'couldn't connect to pop3 server'. Tonight, I finally realized that while I could easily use Google to find websites and connect with the specific speedtest site Ookla that always gave me my paid for speed of 10 mbit/sec. I could also work with the New York Times website AND Gardenweb also; that I mostly couldn't connect with most other sites including my DSL provider CenturyLink. I had been trying to make my FireStick work (no success) and I can't even reach Amazon home site.

After 3rd call, CenturyLink tells me that THEIR server is overloaded. can anyone tell me how it is possible that I can almost instantly get and use the NY Times and of all things Gardenweb, but can't connect to Amazon or my phone provider sites. Almost any random site doesn't connect but I did get a youtube site about firestick to work fast. Actually the bad sites will eventually connect after perhaps 5 to 10 minutes if I let them run but of course take another 5 min to do the next step and the next I suppose.


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