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Any idea whose nest this is?

4 years ago

Nearly ran into it mowing the lawn -- it is in a young oak tree, about 4-5 feet off the ground. Seems to be lined with pine needles with an outer "shell" of bark or other plant fibers (leaves?). There at least one and possibly two chicks in it but no sign (or sound) from a parent when I approached to take pictures, causing a chick to get all excited, presumably expecting a meal, when I had to move a leaf from above it to get a photo. Any idea who built it? There are lots of robins around but Mama Robin usually puts up a racket scolding me whenever I get close (they had a brood in a nest they built in a wreath on the side of the barn a few weeks ago) and there wasn't a peep from the nearby woods when I approached this nest. Seems a small nest for robins?

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