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Zombie tree that is taking over my yard (and my neighbors!)

James W
3 years ago
last modified: 3 years ago

So I had a large wild looking tree in my yard that seemed to sprout tiny weeds every spring/summer. Since I also wanted to put a fence down the property divide right where that tree stood, I finally decided to pay someone to cut it down and grind the stump. After a few years of its nonsense, I thought I was finally rid of the thing. But to my dismay, this summer the weeds sprouted up far more abundantly and appeared to grow stronger in number after each mow! I have thus tried the usual garden roundup weedkiller which only slowed them for a while. When I dig them up, all I get is a tiny cluster of root, not some wicked vine like thing running through the grass and connecting them all like you would think. I am truly puzzled. My new neighbor is equally worried as they are literally marching across his lawn from that ex-tree base camp too. The really puzzling there is that weed has no seeds that I can discern. It also appears in the most unusual places... like under my porch or between the gutter and the house. These are places where even chopped up pieces of the thing would not be found, assuming that perhaps chopped up pieces are how it mysteriously reproduces. If anyone has any ideas, I would sure like to hear them. Primarily, I am interested in committing genocide on this evil plant before it takes over all that is good and pure in the world. Secondarily, I am interested in harvesting it for profit if I cannot eliminate it. ;)

Here is a close up. I'll link some more photos below.

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