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AC Heat Pump Motor, 2 speed in 1 speed system

Jim Anderson
3 years ago

I had my AC unit heat pump fan replaced a year or so ago. The tech replaced my 1 speed motor with a 2 speed. At first had to come out the next day because the fan was never shutting off. Not sure what he did but he came back out and I was good. Then as the cooler winter months got closer I notice in the morning I would hear the compressor running but not the fan. After a few minutes the fan spins up and as long as it is hot outside (in Florida) it cuts on and off no problem. I opened the unit today and noticed the Brown and Brown White wires connected to a 5mf capacitor. It's obvious it was not part of the original system since it was still in its box just tucked away in the unit without any mounting hardware. I'm assuming this has to have something to do with the fact he didn't install the single speed fan. Any thoughts on what the young tech did or does it sound correct and my capacitor may just need to be replaced?

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