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h.e.l.p. ... Desperately Seeking Dining Room Design Advice!

andrea diliberto
4 years ago

We moved back in February but since I was busy teaching full time, I never had a chance to unpack the dining room... LOVE to entertain but overwhelmed as there are many decisions to be made... and summer is slipping through my fingers! I was originally thinking "farmhouse chic" style ... we are planning to paint the brick on the fireplace black. I need advice ... the room is very large and there a significant amount of empty space (As one can gather, we have mismatched furniture all over and there's no decor theme.... I abhor the blinds... am thinking woven wood blinds? Regarding the dining room chairs and table ... I am thinking out loud here ... do I just sell it all and start over ... perhaps a large, long farmhouse table with white chairs OR shall I create a little sitting area on one end and a serving area on the other end ... or something else? Prior to moving in, we had all the walls in the house painted in neutral gray tones but I am open to striping the walls or even doing a feature wall??? ... I am open to any/all ideas. The dimensions of the room are: 13' 3" W x 23' L THANK YOU if you are taking the time to read this and reply! I really appreciate any/all ideas anyone may have.

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