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How do you prune rose clusters on a climbing rose? please.

Garden Mist
3 years ago

I have a climbing rose and am still learning how to care for it. So far, so good. I had a great show of flowers this year. Some of the roses are finished now, as soon as I touch them all the petals fall off. Before when that would happen to my hybrid tea, I would just snap the finished bloom off. However, with this climber, there are just way too many blooms as they grow in clusters. The only way I can tell is that the ones that are finished turn from red to almost pink. I've accidentally removed some of the red ones by mistake. I have petals falling to the ground all over the place. If I were to remove the entire cluster, I wouldn't know where to make my cut. Can you please help me with this? Thanks so much. The name of my rose is "Amadeus" - It's beautiful!

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