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How did you decide how high to mount your TV on the wall?

5 years ago

Hi. Driving myself crazy trying to figure this out. Don’t own our couch yet and my tv is in storage because our apartment is being renovated. Electrician needs to know where to place all the wires and contractor needs to know where to reinforce our studs for the mount.

How did you decide what height to mount TV? I have a 65” tv, might upgrade to 75” in near future. Viewing distance from wall to couch cushions is about 10.5ft. Couch seat height is 17” and my wife and I are short (5’2 and 5’6). Will have a credenza/media console under it between 18-24” tall. Ceiling height is 94”. Will be mounting soundbar under the tv so it swivels with it, soundbar is 3” y’all.

Putting the center at eye level of about 42” seems way too low. Other recommended heights in the 60 inches plus seem way too high and awkward given our ceiling height. Attached a picture of a mock-up I made with tv at 48” center and a 24” credenza.


  • what do you think of how it looks visually?
  • if you mounted TV, how did you decide what height?

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