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Redoing a many oven choices! Advice please.

5 years ago

I'm redoing a kitchen, actually making a new kitchen as the old kitchen is a small galley kitchen. I am thinking a 36 or 48 in Bluestar Range or range top with wall ovens. The oven choices are overwhelming. Regular oven, steam oven, convection oven, speed oven.... I like to cook, but have done all of my cooking in a conventional oven up until now. I'm thinking I may end up with a range top and 2 wall ovens, most likely Wolf, Bluestar or Miele. The folks i am working with sell Wolf and Miele...I will have to get the Bluestar range or range top on my own as there is no dealer here. Can someone direct me to a guide of the different ovens, or just some practical advice of what oven or ovens to choose?

Mahalo in advance.

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