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A great idea for an adult child's birthday gift, if they have children

4 years ago

Like most of you here with adult children and not having a clue what to get them for their birthday or Christmas, I solved the problem. You can still do what I did, but with a different theme. I think your adult child needs a good sense of humor though. This is more for birthdays.

DS1's birthday is the second week of June (his brother's is the day after). We're giving DS2 cash which he prefers. DS1 agrees with us, that's a good gift for his brother. But I was stuck on what to give DS1, I didn't want to give him cash, I wanted a more "thoughtful" gift. He's a techie but still likes toys.

Two weeks ago I was sweating it not knowing what I can get him, until..the UPS truck pulled in to my driveway with a delivery. I wasn't expecting anything & found out it was for my son who lives behind us. The driver mentioned he was delivering a pool. A big pool. DS hadn't told me this!

Since I hadn't seen the pool yet, I walked to his house last Monday while he was at work to take a look, and I noticed all they had was a toy ship and a naked doll floating in the pool. :) Working full-time I assumed he hadn't had a chance to buy fun accessories and then lightening hit, I was going to buy all sorts of pool stuff. For the kids, not him.

All the gifts arrived on Friday. Yesterday I called and asked if he would open his bday gift (I was too excited to wait), and if he'd meet me at my house to help carry the boxes.

Once inside his house I called the grands to come see what daddy got for his birthday. DS opened the first box and on top was a set of four luxury beach towels. He gave me a nice smile and said thank you, and when he pulled out the next item and saw it was a huge Unicorn riding float with handles, he literally started cracking up and of course I did too. My granddaughter saw it and started jumping up and down screaming. DS told her it's his unicorn but he'd share it. :) Next came a nice reclining raft which can be used three different ways. DGS loved it and DS said he'd share that one too. I only got two rafts. Thank goodness he has an air compressor! We laughed the whole time he was opening gifts, and it was like Christmas for the kids.

The other boxes were full of fun stuff, rings to swim through at the bottom of the pool, lots of other things to play with, and the best part is the exercise and fun they will give the kids.

Oh, and I gave him a $20 bill inside his card. lol

As I was leaving DS hugged me and said it was one of the best birthday gifts he'd ever received because of how happy it made the kids. He has a great sense of humor, and it saved him a lot of time shopping.

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