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Here's an interesting bird..........haha

4 years ago

I've seen this gal a couple of times over the past year. But the other day, I opened my drapes in the morning and here she was again. She rested in the drive for awhile, then sauntered around the yard a bit. I thought maybe she was an escapee from a local turkey farm, but I read that they usually grow white feathered ones. Maybe someone raised this one? I saw it down the road the other day. I just hope it stays away from traffic, and hunters. I live in central Indiana in the country, but I'm not sure there's enough connected woods to attract more turkeys. We have about 35 acres and about 2/3rds of it is wood, which borders our neighbors woods. I'm sure people around here think they should shoot anything new and different. I hope not.'s fun seeing her occasionally. And I wish her well. :)

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