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Ideas needed on remodel of kitchen/fireplace/living/dining room

Sabrina C
4 years ago

Ideas needed on how to remodel this space that consists of the following elements.

1. Kitchen (with two big windows by the nook)

2. Dining Room

3. Living Room (Fireplace is located right at the center of everything)

I’m hoping to open up the space among these three areas but not sure what to do with the fireplace (not a fan of putting a tv above the fireplace, would rather keep a longer tv stand to have the tv at eye level when sitting on the couch).

I thought of knocking down 3 walls: 2 common walls between kitchen and living that are next to the fireplace and 1 common wall between nook and dining. All three are most likely load baring walls.

Below is a video link and attached is are photos and floor plans with measurements, any ideas are welcome! Thank you!

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