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Am I setting myself up for failure with these roses?

5 years ago

I know I don't have the perfect property for roses. I don't know the exact ph of my soil, but considering my hydrangeas were pink last year I know it's not very acidic. My soil is hard clay, but we have a lot of farmers where I live so I think I can fix that with a bit of cow or horse manure added to the planting hole. I also plan to fertilize with fish emulsion several times a year. I guess my question is even though my yard isn't perfect is it still possible to have some success with these roses? I keep thinking to myself...I know the ph isn't perfect, but maybe if I give it enough organic matter that will be enough to keep it happy? Not really sure though. Anyways, I plan on ordering Julia Child and either Ebb Tide or Twilight Zone since these have always been some of my favorite roses, but if there's a good chance that they'll die maybe I should just forget about this. I am in zone 5b IL. Has anyone else in zone 5 successfully overwintered these roses? There are some sites selling these roses that list them as hardy to zone 4, so in terms of hardiness I think I'm probably ok, but I don't really have much experience growing roses other than knockouts (which have dieback almost every year for me). Also is it ok if I plant these roses in an exposed location (no protection from strong winds)? I feel like as a gardener I do this quite often. One side keeps telling me...JUST DO IT, and then my other side worries about all the terrible things that could happen with these roses. I'm sorry I've rambled on for so long. I'm just very excited and worried at the same time...

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