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Improve curb appeal and exterior color for 1895 half brick house?

4 years ago

I am planning to repaint the front of my house that was built in 1895, with additions made in the 1930s. House is not landmarked; my style is modern, and I am gravitating towards grays, whites, and plums. Here are my constraints: (1) I don't like the multicolor brick, so I plan to have this painted. I'm aware that painted brick is irreversible and requires upkeep, and I am up for this. (2) I plan to remove the fake shutters. It looks like a travesty, and the former owner did it. (3) I live in a high-traffic urban neighborhood, such that solid dark color on the lower level is a must.

Anyone have painting suggestions and color schemes?

I also welcome ideas for improving curb appeal!

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