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Living/dining room layout help needed!

3 years ago
last modified: 3 years ago

Hi all, we have just bought our first home (exciting!) but need some help in how to lay out the combined living room / dining room space (floorplan and photos below). I'd really appreciate any ideas people have about how how to layout the furniture in my room, from something drastically different to just minor tweaks or suggestions.

Some considerations I have are:

(a) I would like to put in a shelf / corner for my plants in the top right corner (I think that area will have the most sunlight in my Aussie home where north usually has the most light, although I will be supplementing with grow lights). I was thinking a shelf, and maybe some standing pots bunched in that corner?

(b) I have an Ikea Karlstad couch (205cm x 93cm) and small west elm industrial storage coffee table (91cm x 66cm) that I will need to fit in the space, but other than that will be buying everything else.

(c) In the way I've got it set out in my head right now (see photo 2), I feel like I'm coming up against hurdles of whether the couch should be up against the window, or if it should be off the wall and allow for curtains? And the window, couch and tv unit don't line up nicely

(d) I think the area under teh stairs would be a good area for a bench to put on and off shoes, and shoe rack/shelf or some sort?

I've added photos below of:

1. the floor plan

2. my curent thinking in a rough paint job, and

3 & 4. some (very blurry, sorry) photos of the living/dining room that I took during house inspections.

I feel like I just can't think of any other way to set out the room logically other than what I've got in photo 2, but it's also how the house was set out for the inspections so I'm not sure if I'm just unable to get away from that layout rather than it being the only solution. Would really appreciate any new ideas or tweaks to the layout, thank you!

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