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Moving an infected email to an email folder (hotmail)

3 years ago

A friend trying to help my husband downloaded some free software to his iPad using the wifi at a coffee shop. He then got an email ostensibly from the "App store," but actually from a long and foreign-sounding name and address, saying that "they" had received payment. No " " in the thing at all. Thinking it was fishy, and because it also contained bad English (The order is "on process") we did not click on anything in the email, including some document that was supposed to contain details.

However, I did try to create a new folder for Scams and to move the email there. It ended up disappearing, which seemed to confirm that it was malware, and now we are running a full system scan (Norton) on his computer and hoping that nothing bad has happened. Was I crazy to try to save it in case I needed to warn that friend later? Should I just have forwarded it as is, which I have heard is safe?

Please help, whether you scare me or relieve my mind of worry... Anything appreciated.

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