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30" 4 Burner Gas Cooktop: Bosch 500 vs Wolf?

3 years ago

Doing a kitchen reno and I'm stumped about the cooktop. Background: I'm a home cook and enjoy cooking for my family. I previously had a 40" gas range with 5 burners. In all my cooking, including for large family gatherings/holidays I never used 5 burners at once. In this kitchen I have space for a 30" cooktop and prefer 4 burners as I feel the 5 burner 30" cooktops are a waste of cooktop space (seems like they're just trying to throw in that extra middle power burner for value when logistically, if you have a large pot in the middle, there's not much room for the smaller surrounding burners, IMHO).

So I'm finally down to two choices--the Bosch 500 or a Wolf. My budget can accommodate either, although the Wolf is about 2.5x the price of the Bosch. Highest BTU for Bosch is 16,000 vs 18,000 for Wolf. The biggest draw for the Wolf is the stacked burners which (apparently) can be used to achieve a lower heat/simmer function. Seems that the low heat/simmering is what sets apart the high end cooktops from others (based only on what I've read). Does anyone have either of these two appliances that can share an opinion? I don't mind spending more for the Wolf if it's really worth it but I don't need a name brand just for the sake of having it. Thank you for any feedback!

Bosch 500:


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